Our History

In 2009, KCM was founded in the community of Kyampisi, a small village in the district of Mukono, East of Kampala. This was through the realisation that the potential of children was shadowed by the village Injustice of poverty, lack of access to education and healthcare, broken families and witchcraft. We witnessed  many cases of child abuse and neglect and the worst imaginable witchcraft-driven human rights violations that manifested through the rampant kidnaps and disappearance of innocent children with no trace.  Some were later found dead in bushes with their body parts mutilated and their blood drained and taken to be used in ritual ceremonies performed by witch doctors. First hand experiences of such evil acts ripped our hearts to the core. Would we walk away?



KCM was founded in the community of Kympisi



KCM partnered with several organizations to further its objectives



Started Rock Hill Christian Primary School