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Child Rescue & Rehabilitation

Child sacrifice is an epidemic sadly on the rise in Uganda. Every year, countless numbers of children are killed on the command of traditional healers and witch doctors.  Individual body parts, most often facial features, hearts, ears, livers and the genitals of these vulnerable and innocent children, are cut off for witchcraft ceremonial use in the belief that they will be consumed by spirits, leading to riches or solving of other problems.

It begins when an individual consults a witchdoctor, or ‘traditional healer’ – who will then require a child. According to the issue brought before them: the spirits may require a certain body part of the child. Any part of a child becomes a currency, a tool for bartering with the evil spirits for the granting business success, prosperity, wealth or a solution.  Hundreds of children are kidnapped – usually by a neighbor – and brutally mutilated in this completely selfish, and heartless act. A maimed child may be left to bleed and die, while others are kept alive for continued acts of witchcraft.

This is a deeply disturbing phenomenon – strongly driven by fear, superstition, religion and magical thinking. Social, economic, cultural and psychological factors influence the sickening act.

Survivors and Victims

KCM cares for a number of child sacrifice survivors and has recently facilitated life saving surgeries of two victims that survived. See link below

Tortured by witch a doctor, saved by Australian surgeons: http://www.smh.com.au/world/tortured-by-a-witch-doctor-saved-by-australian-surgeons-20120511-1yi80.html

Child Sacrifice survivor second chance: http://www.theherald.com.au/story/1602770/sacrifice-survivors-second-chance/

Many of these child survivors are carrying with them serious and disturbing life scars and injuries which include complete genital mutilations, castration, deep wound stabs, missing tongues, ears, as well as emotional and psychological scars that need life time healing. Childhood trauma, caused principally by this gruesome and barbaric act has immeasurable and devastating impact on these and other children, their families as well as our society-affecting people physically, mentally spiritually and psychologically. We believe at KCM that these children and their families and communities have an innate ability to heal from this trauma. We see healing as holistic involving body, mind and spirit and we consider this very essential in the work we do.

What we do to rescue children, support victims and families.

KCM has partnered with Uganda Police in the investigation of cases of children that are suspected to be victims of child sacrifice. This is with happening cases as well as previously unreported or unconcluded cases so they can come to logical and legal conclusion for Justice. Our team of volunteers engages in investigative search for the suspected perpetrators of children, take them to court and facilitates families until these cases are concluded which some times takes a long time. In cases where the child has died through a sacrifice, our volunteer team helps to make sure that Autopsies and Post mortem and coroners reports are also availed. These examinations are required by law to determine the exact cause of death to file for court proceedings. While the cause may seem obvious, its still necessary for the coroner to act as an advocate for the deceased and rule out any other possibilities for example murder. In some cases, our team together with investigative engages in exhuming these bodies for examinations that need attachments to articles found at scenes.

Coping Grief.

The sadness, anger, anxiety and fear that be-falls the poor parents, siblings and any extended family, friends and neighbors its beyond comprehension. This evil practice causes devastation and immediate reactions of shock, grief and often accompanied by longer-term feelings of sadness, loss, guilt and fear. People may be unable to come to terms with the painful reality of the event and remain unable to move on in life. These families and friends need the care and support after the sacrifice of loved one and when dealing with grief and loss, there are many questions left unanswered. Our team works with all affected with priority to affected families (The victim their family as well as the innocent children of the arrested killers and where necessary have them at our rehabilitation center for safety and healing). This care and support given by our team helps families and friends deal with grief, helps and gives them practical information on the issues that arise following a child-sacrifice such as dealing with police, funerals, courts e

We then do community engagement to work out a community approach to healing. This also avoids any community mob justice to perpetrators and their family that may arise.

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