What is Child Sacrifice? 

Ritual sacrifice and mutilations of children (Child Sacrifice) is a growing problem in Uganda. It’s a witch-craft driven problem that is manifested through kidnaps, abduction, murder and disappearance of children that are later found mutilated or killed most often involving removing body parts usually facial features, ears, tongues, blood and tissue, genitalia and other internal body organs

These body parts are then mixed with witch-craft related articles in rituals guided by ‘’witch-doctors’’ to be consumed by spirits that are believed will banish evil, provide prosperity and protection of business, bring good luck or any other fortunes. The removal of body parts in most of these mutilations lead to death or the attacks are out-rightly intended for death as a sacrifice, slaughtering the children like an animal for their blood. Some killings that happen near lakes and rivers (or among the fishing communities) involve direct and forceful drowning of children to the gods of the waters as a sacrifice. A heavy stone, or object capable of sinking is tied to a targeted child, they are then sailed into the deep waters and drowned for similar reasons. Many children as well as adults have fallen victims to this practice in Uganda with the biggest number being children as they are considered pure, easy to lure and their blood sacrifice is considered and more powerful that of adults.

Whereas our focus is on children, we also respond to cases that involve ritualistic sacrifice of adults as this has a direct impact on the dependent children and the entire family.

Rescues, Arrests, and Investigations

Every year, we carry out a number of operation in partnership with Uganda Police force and our International partners to respond to past cases of child sacrifice and trafficking. These might be new or old cases. We have resurrected cases of more than 8 years in the past that were never prosecuted and worked with Uganda Police Force to arrest the suspects and prosecuted them with convictions. A good scientific and thorough investigation is always needed in each cases to give good prosecution of these witch-doctors and traffickers.

Immediate response to medical needs.

We facilitate medical treatments to surviving victims both locally and internationally. Unfortunately, the injuries usually that inflicted on these children that survive are life long and need lifesaving specialized surgeries not offered in Uganda.


Using the available legal tools most especially the Trafficking in Persons Act 2009 and the office of The Director of Public prosecution, we follow up cases and trials to their logical conclusion.