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When you Sponsor a Child through KCM, you will be changing a life of a vulnerable and disadvantaged child in our selected community of Kyampisi. Our approach is Unique. We focus on a vulnerable community where children are close to us yet they are in need of education and life support. We know them, we see them every day and we can help them through your kind sponsorship. Through this, we require less administrative costs to follow their progress because they are just a walk away. Our social workers reach them easily and give them the social and spiritual support they need every week easily. The children attend a KCM run  community school. 

Sponsoring a Child — is a commitment but a long-term approach to fighting child poverty. its a one-to-one Child Sponsorship Program and grants a sponsors  to personally connect with a specific child in the communities we serve and build a life-changing relationship. When you sponsor a child, you have the opportunity to influence that child during their life development.


For $45 per month



“I sponsor Moses for three years now. I have been to his house and met his beautiful family. I have experienced the pain and poverty they experience on a daily basis. I know the donation i make monthly is a sacrifice but i also know it is changing moses’ life for good”. Kayla Brisbin, Minnesota, USA.