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Fundraising can be fun and exciting, especially when you’re doing it for a great cause. At KCM, we always are in need of funds to support each of our departments. We cannot help others without the sponsorship and encouragement of our friends. We realize that everyone is not able to simply give a financial contribution, so we’d like to offer fundraising as a creative option. You can make this your own!

Using various sources, we’ve compiled a list of awesome fundraising ideas that can help you creatively support our organization:

A: Arts and Crafts fair – Exhibit and sell your awesome paintings, crafts, or whatever you can create to your family and friends.

B: Bike Ride – Organize a bike ride in your community (3K, 5K.. etc) and ask riders to find sponsors!

C: Car wash – Get some soap, buckets, and a hose and offer to wash cars in your neighborhood or city.

D: Dance – Load up your iPod and find a space to hold a dance. You can play swing music, or hip hop and charge and entry fee!

E: Eat – Prepare some crazy foods and eat them at a small price!

F: Film Night – Pick a classic or recently released movie, make popcorn, and charge an entry fee to watch an outdoor movie.

G: Guessing Game – Fill a mason jar with whatever you can think of and have your friends pay to guess how many are in the jar! Whoever is the closest to the actual number, wins the jar!

H: Hair Preparation – Cut, braid, curl, plait hair for a day and collect all the money you make for KCM!

I: International Party – Challenge your friends to a night of being submersed in another culture. Make food, wear traditional clothing, and even speak the language! Charge an entry fee!

J: Junk sale – Go through your room or your home and find things you no longer use and sell them! Your junk is someone’s treasure!

K: Karaoke night – Hold a karaoke night at your house or your favorite place to hang out. Charge per tune!

L: Lunch-less –  set a date for your co-workers to bring in a packed lunch and then to give you the money they would have spent.

M: Matched giving – ask your local businesses, organisations, or churches to match any donation you give to an organization. You’d be surprised at who wants to sponsor you!

N: Nominate your Youth Leader – Find a youth leader/teacher/pastor who is willing to shave his head, beard, or dye her hair for a cause. Set a goal and encourage your friends to get to that goal and watch your leaders and friends go crazy!

O: Odd jobs – Advertise to do odd jobs around the house of your friends; cut the grass, clean the bathroom, sweep the garage, or whatever else is needed!

P: Plasma – If you are in a good health condition, you can donate plasma and receive a cash bonus to give straight to KCM!

Q: Quiet – Ask people to sponsor you for one full day of silence! If you’re a talker, you could rack up the money quickly!

R: Raffle – Sell raffle tickets and give away a portion of the earnings to the winner!

S: Spelling Bee – Invite your community to participate in a spelling bee! Charge an entry fee for both participants and viewers.

T: Tug of War tournament – Challenge friends and family to make teams to see who is strongest. Charge an entry fee for teams!

U: Unwanted gifts – Make a promise to yourself that any gifts you receive for that year that you don’t need or don’t want, you sell and donate the funds.

V: Volleyball tournament – Organize a large tournament for your friends and family to play in! Charge an entry fee and give parts of the proceeds (and bragging rights) to the winners.

W: Walk – Organize a walk around your community and advocate for vulnerable children in Uganda.

X: X-ercise – get your local gym to organize a work-out-a-thon and charge entry fee.

Y: Yodelling – If you or your family member loves to speak loud, challenge them to a yodelling contest. Judges choose who win.

Z: Zoo – Have your friends collect the craziest and coolest pets they have and create a zoo that others can pay entrance too!